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About JLW: In May 2003,JLW Electronic was established, during theseyears . JLW also faced some crisis, but we can always find the favorable turnand make development, which makes JLW gained present market. In May 2011, JLWcame into the 8th year since it has been established, for provideour client with more superior quality and service, we also have factory inDongguan( Dongguan DDK Electronic Co. Ltd.) and office in Taiwan.

Service: We specialized in the productionof ferrite cores over a decade, with annual production capacity of 8500 tons and300 models to choose from. We import raw material from Japan, Germany , Koreaand Taiwan, and bring in the international advanced technology to produceproducts with superior quality, low power consumption, high Q and broadband. Ourproducts are very competitive in the market, and mainly used in computer 3Cproducts, LED television, LED lamp, photovoltaic, solar energy,telecommunication, automobile and other electronic products. Our main terminalcustomer include Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, Amazon etc.

Quality: We strictly obey the ISO9001 system during all the manufacturingprocess like milling, forming, curing, grinding and testing. Our qualityobjective is zero defect.

Mission: Solving all the ferrite core problems for our customers isthe mission of JLW,

We will provide you the best products and service with the practicalinnovation programs.